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One Dream.
One T-Shirt. 
One Sisterhood. 

Sisterhood(verb), Inc. was born in 2014 when poet, educator, and founder Tayllor Johnson asked: What does it mean to DO sisterhood? What does it mean to experience sisterhood? In searching, she discovered that her answer was at the intersection of creativity and community. In building a curriculum that prioritized art as a community norm, she witnessed community empowerment in action in the classroom. In creating safe spaces for Black women to gather, converse, laugh, and create, she saw bridges being built. There is not one answer to experiencing sisterhood, but in finding hers, she felt called to share the wealth in nourishing, supporting, and uplifting historically marginalized communities through the arts. 


In 2021, she made it official and founded Sisterhood(verb), Inc., where creativity and community meet. Our mission is to build bridges and catalyze positive change using art and community as the primary methodologies. 


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