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One Dream.
One T-Shirt. 
One Sisterhood. 

Sisterhood(verb), Inc. started in 2014 as one idea and one T-shirt in hopes to begin action-oriented conversations about how women of color can begin to look within to define sisterhood and live it as a truth, not a trend. Thanks to so many women pouring love and thought into it, today Sisterhood(verb), Inc. has a mission to curate opportunities for women to come together through education, art, healing, community-building, and performance. In addition, Sisterhood(verb), Inc. provides customized consulting services in education, entertainment, and wellness crafted with Black women in mind, no matter what field or dream she is conquering. 

You may be wanting to create, nourish, and explore sisterhood for your community and looking for a place to start. You may have a thriving definition of sisterhood and looking to build, teach, and grow. You may be an executive who wants to put their dedication to equity to work. You are among friends and kin here. Reach out. Support. Spread the word. Start the conversation, and together, we can manifest the community, safety, and revolution we long for... 

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