Tayllor Johnson, Founder

Poet, Writer, Performer, Educator, Public Speaker, Founder of Sisterhood(verb), Inc. 

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TAYLLOR JOHNSON IS AN ARTIST, performer, educator, and founder of Sisterhood(verb), Inc. A published poet, she has been writing and performing her poetry and plays for over ten years. She is committed to using art to voice unspoken truths and guides people to discover and speak their truth to define their liberation. At Mount Holyoke College, where Tayllor received her bachelor's degree in Psychology, she began the journey of defining sisterhood and its importance in her life. Pursuing her master's degree at the Center for Experimental Humanities at New York University allowed her to expand on the intersectionality of community and arts integration in education, which led to Sisterhood(verb), Inc. 


Tayllor's experience in community building, advocacy, social justice, and spiritual healing further feeds her mission to find new ways poetry can empower the underrepresented, soothe the wounded, and disturb the status quo, setting us all on a path to freedom.

Poetic communication can alter
​minds and change lives.

Tayllor Johnson

"Tayllor is truly a rising star. She is a phenomenal artist, with depth and insight and a raw wisdom beyond her years. Her work is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Tayllor is also a passionate and gifted educator, capable of inspiring anyone who has the chance to interact with her."

Marcella Hall

Mount Holyoke College,

Author and Educator

"Tayllor has the rare combination of qualities that include both artistic creativity and the ability to execute. She has a firm grasp on the implementation of vision and invoking emotive expression from her students. It was a pleasure to have a truly talented artist like Tayllor work with our middle school youth."

Melany Mendoza, Mass Mentoring Partnership, Manager of Targeted Communities ​

"Tayllor Johnson has an extraordinary gift for combining her sparkling talents for speaking truth and painting visions of humanity through poetry, with her compassion and enthusiasm for working with youth and enduring devotion to a socially just world. I have watched both middle-school and college students alike marvel in the joy and intensity Tayllor brings to spoken word performance, and walk away as I have myself from seeing and hearing her inspired to join and organize with others to make the world a better place."

Alan Bloomgarden, Director of Community Engagement, Adjunct Lecturer in Education